Welcome to the Arctek Development Page!

Arctek is a content management system intended to speed the development of python based web applications.

Arctek is a framework consisting of a series of python modules which lay the groundwork for any website that requires interactivity.

Arctek is built in pure python (version 2.2.2) with direct access to the popular MySQL open source database.

Arctek stresses ease of use, and rapid deployment of your web services and provides a host of easy to adapt classes and modules that can be tweaked and expanded easily to fit your needs.

Arctek is currently in the pre-alpha stage of development. For more information about the status of arctek, contact it's development team.

Project Lead:
Brandon Keene
(brandon () cmdrkeene ! net)

Systems Programmer
Jey Kottalam
(arctek () kottalam ! net)